At Home With Shobhan Mittal

Indian entrepreneur Shobhan Mittal of Greenply Industries shares his love for well-designed furniture, vibrant colours and cutting-edge technology, and how everything came together to shape his new home in Sentosa.

Savouring the Tradition

Inside the age-old practice of Japanese tea making, tea and design intertwine to bring out the universal values of harmony and respect at the heart of human relationships.


Patrizia Moroso’s Sanctuary

Patrizia Moroso tells us how she worked with Patricia Urquiola to build her home in the city, and how a living space will constantly evolve alongside its inhabitants’ changing tastes and desires.

Recapturing the Beauty of Utility

Offering an insightful journey into the disappearing world of industrial crafts of Jalan Besar, The Machinist is a poignant study of the value and meaning of craft in the modern age. They do refer to themselves as either artists or craftsmen.

The XTRA Christmas Gift Guide

From mid-century modern marvels to contemporary creations by renowned international designers, here are our picks for this holiday season’s must-have design staples.

In Pursuit of Happiness

A dedicated happiness centre in Bhutan teaches valuable lessons in achieving contentment within facilities that inspire with their ecologically and culturally sensitive design approach.

The Modern Icon

Pivotal in the 20th century design history, the definitive Bubble Lamp by industrial designer George Nelson continues to remain a tour-de-force of aesthetics and functionality decades after its making.

Spirit In The Air

The pavilion designed by DP Architects for Archifest 2016 was a spirited breath of fresh air that flowed through the Central Business District.