Atlantic lounge chair, designed by the Valencian design collective Culdesac, is all about the details. From its beveled solid wood frame to the artfully thin upholstered arms and back and its loose seat and cushion, Atlantic exudes refinement and thoughtful design. Sit, relax and enjoy the details.

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Height: 71.1 cm
Length: 90.2 cm
Width: 75.6 cm

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The year 2014 marked the 125th anniversary of Bernhardt Furniture. For Bernhardt, this milestone was not only a time to celebrate, but also a time to reaffirm the values that have enabled the company to endure. Foremost among those values: creating quality furniture…and a deep commitment to people and relationships.

Unique by today’s standards, Bernhardt remains a family-owned business that is dedicated to the welfare of the community that’s been its home since 1889.

The legacy of Mr. Bernhardt continues today through its employees. Visit the Bernhardt 125 Years website to read some very inspiring Stories of Giving that highlight several of its employees and their personal commitments to helping those in need.

The company’s history, spanning more than 125 years, is a story of pioneer spirit, of opportunities recognized and realized in spite of obstacles.

CuldeSac, a Valencia, Spain based design collective is much more than a design studio. Set up in August 2002 as a “creative space”, CuldeSac is an open dynamic space where creatives from different fields (electronics, furniture, lighting, painting, hairdressing…) meet and join forces to develop shared projects under one common denominator: multidisciplinarity. The strength of the studio is grounded in the interface between the four core members—Francisco Pons, Alberto Martinez, Pepe Garcia and Pilar Roger—and other creatives from various disciplines coming from Spain and the rest of the world who join the team in meeting specific needs and demands of each individual project.

CuldeSac not only offers its services to companies in search of solutions to their problems, but also to all types of professionals including anyone with an interesting idea worth pursuing or with an exciting freestyle lab for observation, investigation and project development. To make it even easier for outside professionals to join the team, CuldeSac has a small apartment attached to its work space. By offering the conditions for coexistence beyond the purely professional, and potentialising the human dimension, CuldeSac guarantees a truly unique experience.

Work of the innovative, multidisciplinary design group ranges from graphic design to product design and anything in between. Current projects have included the Lladrós Re-Ciclos project, BonEstile’s Welcome chair, and the Whisper chair for Bernhardt Design. In 2005, CuldeSac’s labyrinthine booth design for Lladró won the Valencia International Furniture Fair award for Best Interior Design.

Dimensions 90.2 x 75.6 x 71.1 cm