BEO Dining Chair


The inspiration of simplicity and tranquility of Asian life, with the eliminated gorgeous form are harmonized preciously by craftsmanship. The new emotions of furniture accordingly are shown, the elegance of the form and color, and the eminent identity of furniture: combination of teak and stainless. Besides, the exotic touches create profoundly the nature and the modernity and in same time, the sense of serenity, delightful looking and comfortable serving.

Available as side chair and armchair.

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Height: 80 cm
Length: 50.5-55 cm
Width: 52.5-57 cm

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Kenkoon first introduced outdoor products to the market during 1990-2000. With the technological know-how from Sweden, Kenkoon designed and developed marine accessories and outdoor furniture, made of teakwood, mainly for the Scandinavian market.

Mark Metchanun has Interior-Architect design degree from MJM art school in Paris, France. His furniture designs have been featured in Canadian Design Magazine and Home and Garden Magazine Thailand. He has the inspiration to design quality furniture using sophisticated engineering of stainless steel and wood, making his design not only elegant looking but also ensuring they will last a life time.

Dimensions 50.5-55 x 52.5-57 x 80 cm