Miunn Stool


An embracing egg-shaped shell in wood, with several base and height options, suitable for any kind of table. A shape that provides a support to the back with soft lines gently cradling sitter.

Available in multiple heights:
43 x 43 x ht. 65 cm (SH)
43 x 43 x ht. 89 cm (OH)

43 x 43 x ht. 75 cm (SH)
43 x 43 x ht. 99 cm (OH)

40 x 43 x ht. 54-79 cm (SH)
40 x 43 x ht. 75-100 cm (SH)

For more information, visit www.lapalma.it.

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Lapalma’s success has been achieved step by step throughout the years. No overnight success stories here – just hard work and passion in equal measure.

For thirty years, the company has shown talent, tenacity, know-how and above all inexhaustible enthusiasm, expertly combining metal with wood, leather and fabrics to create timeless pieces of furniture with clean fluid lines. The company’s story begins in the 1980s, when founders the Marcato brothers decided to go into business on their own. Their initial idea developed rapidly and Lapalma was established soon after, showing from the outset a preference for natural, recyclable materials. Following investments in machinery, Lapalma took advantage of the availability of new materials to develop a wide range of products for the contract market, which quickly demonstrated the brand’s appeal, attracting buyers on major projects worldwide for hotels, shops, museums and airports.

Lapalma’s blend of good design and aesthetic appeal produces furniture with a strong personality and has seen contributions from designers of international renown (as of 2013, Lapalma’s art director is Francesco Rota). The brand’s success has also been recognized with a number of awards, including the Good Design award, the FX International Interior Design Award and the Design Plus award. The firm’s consistent design approach is also evident in the elegant, up-to-date and functional interiors as well as in the sober modern lines of its new headquarters in Cadoneghe, close to Padua.

Today, Lapalma looks towards the future with the same unchanged enthusiasm. The genuine Italian nature of its products is stronger than ever, with its emphasis on craftsmanship and designs that appeal to the senses – the cornerstones of Italian design and production. It has brought in new fabrics, padding, leathers, and colour palettes and developed variations on individual product lines, building a diversified portfolio to accommodate products which are suited to the contract market, but can also cross over into other areas such as the home, outdoor and light office segments. Forward-thinking and true to its convictions, Lapalma is ready to take on new challenges, opportunities and markets.

Karri Monni, born 1969 in Varkaus, Finland. Furniture carpenter studies 1985-1987. Studies in Lahti Institute of Designn in Department of Interior Architecture and furniture Design 1994-1998. BA interior Architect and Designer, SIO,. Practiced in Studio Simo Heikkaila 1997, Industrial Design Ltd, Sistem 1998-1999, Keiski Architects 2000, Pekka Salminien Architects 2000. Started own Studio Karri Monni 1999. Started own company Koon Design Oy 2006. Furniture designs for Lapalma from 200 Amar Spors, Nordea Bank Findland, Vacon, Sampo Group, Metso Leiras Takeda. Pharmaceutical, WinWinD, EFG, City of Helsinki, Roche, YLE Valio, Walki, Aventis Pharma, McKinsey & Company Karri Monni lives and works in Helsinki.