The version with the headboard and the base covered in skilfully woven leather is extremely stylish, as are the models with removable covers in smooth leather, in fabric or in Ecopelle. The bed is available with adjustable slatted mattress support, with electrical movements or electric/manual combined. The steel frame and the four feet – in bronze-colored aluminium – give character to the bed.

For various measurements, contact us.

Headboard dimensions
Length: 188-208 cm
Height: 102 cm

Height: 31 cm
Length: 188-208 cm
Width: 237 cm

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Since its foundation, in 1978, Flou has based its commercial strategy on an innovative concept: producing designer beds with an excellent price-quality ratio, beds that are modern, functional and able to transform the bedroom from the closed and almost inaccessible part of the home, as it was until then, into an open, colourful environment that can be used for many activities, offering the client the best way of sleeping, fully aware that good sleep makes a major contribution to better living. The first bed the company produced quickly reached this objective. It was called the “Nathalie” and was designed by Vico Magistretti; it was considered to be the first of a completely new type of bed that would soon become the market “standard”: the modern textile bed. At the time, Nathalie also introduced a significant change in the distribution system; prior to its appearance it was not possible to purchase in one store and in a single solution “a bed ready for sleep”, complete with all the accessory products. Its designer Vico Magistretti commented: “It was actually just straight-forward intuition, which resulted from the ability to observe and think about everyday things in a different light. At the end of the 1970s, the soft coloured duvet was fashionable: I just expanded its use to cover the whole of the bed base, fixing it to an upholstered base. Then, with Rosario Messina, an enthusiastic entrepreneur of the newly-founded company Flou, who saw the potential of this product immediately, we thought about changing the covers and we studied the collections of matching bed linen. This broke away from the traditional rigidity of “all-white” and introduced to the bedroom greater freedom in the choice of colours and the combinationsâ€. Following the success of “Nathalie” Flou developed rapidly and continually expanded its production with beds that incorporated solutions geared to improving the quality of sleep, fruit of the analysis and studies performed by the company’s Research and Development Centre. Today, Flou produces 40 models of bed and studio couches in fabric, leather, wood, hide and aluminium; a wide range of technical accessories; a vast range of matching duvet cover sets in natural fibers available in a wide variety of colours and patterns that are up-to-date each year. Leader in Italy, the collection is distributed in more than 60 countries around the world and in Flou showrooms in the main capital cities in Europe and worldwide. Moreover, the Flou products are manufactured under an exclusive license agreement and commercialized in Canada and America since 1989.

Emanuela Garbin and Mario dell’Orto are two of the three designers of Opera Work In Progress, a studio created to join different experiences, their common affinity to answer to the sector problems in a complete and specialised way. The activity of the designers ranges from the identification of development strategies to the study of communication, to industrial design, to the project design of shops and exhibitions, working for companies across the world.