The imaginative ‘Olivier’ design lends a new creative dimension to this traditional item of furniture. The design principle may be compared with that of a cut open fruit, with a smooth, firm peel or shell on the outside and soft flesh on the inside in the form of cushion-cells. ‘Olivier’ provides exceptional comfort with its top quality, soft filling-material, which envelops the human frame. The shell-shape also permits a wide range of sitting positions, from formal postures to ‘curling up’.

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Height: 95 cm
Length: 95 cm
Width: 85 cm

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Montis keeps innovating with design that meets the needs of modern life—without making concessions in terms of comfort. In this process, the boundaries of artisanal traditions are pushed, and new techniques developed. By combining the ideas of renowned designers with those of up-and-coming creatives, we remain full of surprises—also in terms of sustainability and use of materials. That’s how today’s icons become tomorrow’s classics. That is our aim.

Gijs Papavoine (1949) studied at the institute of technology and Eindhoven Academy for Industrial Design, Product Design department. Gijs was employed as a Product Manager at Montis until 1990. In this capacity, he was jointly responsible for Montis’ design philosophy. In 1990, Gijs was promoted to dedicated designer of Montis.

Dimensions 95 x 85 x 95 cm