Reverse 60 Indoor Table


Reverse is a collection of table bases with central column made from 100% recyclable polyethylene. The Reverse base is an icon of elegance and structural stability, with the ability to be combined with many table top finishes and appearances. The signature cylindrical shape of the column progressively widens as it approaches its largest at the base. Available in different widths and heights, permitting it to be used as an occasional, high or meeting table. All of the Reverse bases can be finished in matte or glossy lacquer in six attractive colors.

Height: 78 cm
Length: 56 cm
Width: 52.5 cm

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The start of this company goes back half a century to 1955, when a forwardlooking 17-year-old with countless hours already clocked in as a cabinetmaker with his father, inherited a problem: the loss of the family’s wood furniture factory. Francisco Andreu converted this problem into a motivation for starting all over again. “We started from scratch. But I had already known the factory since I was 10. And I liked it.”There were years that were “very tough for the economy, but much easier for businessmen. The market was waiting to be served, and competition was scarce. Today, it would be much more difficult to start a company from scratch and launch it onto a highly competitive market,” says Francisco Andreu, a businessman who grew up in his factories, and is therefore familiar with each and every one of the manufacturing processes for chairs, from locating lumber in the forest, selecting the wood, sawing the trunks, all the way through to sanding, varnishing and upholstering seats. It was in the family home in Alacuás, a satellite town of Valencia, with no power supply, where they started to manufacture components in bentwood, assembling and varnishing chairs following historic models.

Piergiorgio Cazzaniga is one of Italy’s most internationally renowned designers. His career has led him to treasure a direct experience with the production of furniture. In the early 1960s, Dino Boffi appointed Piergiorgio Cazzangiga as Director of Studios and Research of BOFFI Cucine where he worked on the European Standardization measurements of kitchen modules and appliances. In 1971, along with Luigi Massoni, they founded the studio Bruttura, Massoni, Pellizza which later became the firm A&D. In the 1990s he established his own firm, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga Design in Lentate sul Seveso (Lombardy) working since then with premier furniture design companies. His creations, always innovative, have won numerous international awards.

Dimensions 56 x 52.5 x 78 cm