Children’s chair. Frame in steel rod painted in polyester powder. Wheel and handles in polypropylene.

Height: 54 cm
Length: 77 cm
Width: 36.5 cm
Weight: 3.4 kg


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Magis was born in August 1976 and just a few weeks later, the company at the Milan Furniture Fair appeared (in those days it was held in September). Since then, each year it has participated in the Fair to present its new products. And obviously, also this year Magis is bringing along its new things, however not like in the past as projects in the prototype stage, but as finished products. This is good news: the sign of a mature company. Now there is no longer the slightest shadow of doubt connected to the transmutation from prototype to product. That’s a risk that’s often slithering around the Magis products, because it always works on the edge, exploring the outer limits of technology to an extent where precious few other design manufacturers go. Twenty-one new products for the 2006 Fair, concluding a three-year design cycle that resulted in perhaps the best annual harvest that Magis has ever reaped in its 30-year existence.

Rogier Martens (1978) is a Utrecht based designer from the Netherlands. Martens prefers objects with an unmistakable identity. In his designs he actively searches for interaction with the user, to define the needs of the end user he always supports his designs by research. This open approach leads to special designs with great potential to use them. His work is international known and selected in countries such as Germany, Denmark, Italy, China and the USA.