Improved and remastered, the iconic Aeron chair takes a stand to meet the demands of a contemporary workspace.

It was in the zenith of the dot com boom that a chair that came to redefine the typology of contract furniture was released much to the fanfare of the anticipating masses. The Aeron, designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick for Herman Miller, instantly became an undisputed classic, raising the notion of possibilities of an object as seemingly unglamorous yet undeniably practical as an office chair. With over 7.5 million of Aerons sold worldwide to date, the chair – its high-tech, plastic mesh aesthetic imbued with inertia and ergonomics still pined for by every office worker – has now returned with a noticeable facelift and a mission to continue to define human-centred design 25 years after its release.

herman miller aeron

1. For Better Posture

The Aeron’s updated design by Herman Miller maintains the chair’s iconic form while responding to the latest research in ergonomic design and the science of sitting. A more refined tilt mechanism delivers an ease of control of movement during a recline, while PostureFit SL’s adjustable pads provide intuitive, healthy support to the spine.

2. Personalising for Comfort

A greater degree of personalisation to the chair offers unnoticeable to the eye improvements that focus on each individual’s seating particularities that make the chair adaptable to each person. An updated arm mechanism’s movement regulates with a greater degree of personalisation through front to back adjustments for added comfort, with less time spent on customising an optimal fit for a person’s scale.

3. Inclusive of Everyone

Designed in three different sizes to meet the needs of diverse body types, the Aeron is attune to the fact that one chair may not fit everyone. From small, to medium, to large size, the Aeron chair embodies inclusivity in its mindful design that offers the same level of comfort to everyone.

4. More Than Meets the Eye

Composed of 39 percent recycled material and up to 91 percent recyclable material, the Aeron has been reimagined to meet the ever-rising marks of environmental sustainability. The updated model accomplishes the next level of environmentally friendly design with the achievement of two important benchmarks: Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver, BIFMA level 3, and GREENGUARD Gold Certified status.

5. Stylish Stance

The new range of colours reveals the updated Aeron 25 years after its launch but as relatable as ever in the changing landscape of office design typology. The Graphite option introduces a darker, modern take on the original chair, while Mineral is a light version, ideal for today’s open office environments. Carbon is the balance between the two other colours, offering a neutral solution that works well in a variety of settings.

A complete package from head to toe, inside and outside, the Aeron, re-envisioned, keeps looking forward ahead of its time, firmly pressing onward to the next 25 years of its presence, aiming to redefine the standards of office chair design once again.

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