Patrizia Moroso tells us how she worked with Patricia Urquiola to build her home in the city, and how a living space will constantly evolve alongside its inhabitants’ changing tastes and desires.


Photographs courtesy of Patrizia Moroso and Alessandro Paderni

What elements are important to you when it comes to building a house?

Patrizia Moroso (PM): When you build a house, there are so many things in your head. I was talking to Patricia for months saying, ‘I love this, I love that’, but basically what I really loved was the location. I found this place before building the house. It is so beautiful, like a wild garden. It is very strange to find a place like that in the city.

What was your brief to Patricia Urquiola?

PM: What I said to Patricia basically was, ‘look, I have this incredible place that I really love’. I told her I want a house that is open to nature. I don’t want to be closed up inside a house where I don’t see the outside. Of course she said, ‘okay, but we will still need some walls’. We decided to put walls in the direction that was not suppressing. I also have no screens. I feel like I’m flying in my house.

Especially the corner in your house with glass windows facing rich foliage. How often do you spend time there?

PM: The days I’m free. Saturdays and Sundays are my days. Of course, I love to stay at home. I wake up, I don’t dress up and I stay in my pyjamas. I look outside and make pictures of the trees without changing the landscape. The special corner is not on a high level or the ground. When I sit in the chair, I can read a book, drink tea, or look outside. It is very relaxing. This is my special place that has no walls. It is a corner with two big windows – glass from the floor to the ceiling. It is a corner of light and glass and totally transparent so you feel like you are outside.

Do you have any advise for new home owners?

PM: The first approach is the house. The house has to respect who you are. When you ask someone to design the house, there has to be a meeting point between the architect and yourself. Make the interiors more free because they can change. Your taste can change. You are building your life so I love to make a house where you can also change within. In my house, I am changing continuously, but in my case it is easy because I am producing furniture. I put things that I love in my house – sometimes the prototype that is a little bit wrong and people don’t like it.

The way of making interiors is very personal. If you have a precise idea of what you want, you can do it by yourself but it is not easy. You have to choose someone as an interior decorator, architect or an interior designer to help you and it has to be a person who listens to you and understands what you want. The brief has to be yours and very clear. Tell the professional everything you like, and everything you don’t. Give clear suggestion of what you want to have in your house.

Some times, I see perfect houses but nobody is living there. You have to enjoy your place and make your life comfortable even if its a little out of perfection. Everybody is different. I need colour and a bit of confusion in my life. I don’t like the perfection. Everyone has a different approach. Find yours.

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