• JUTA Night table
  • JUTA Night table
  • JUTA Night table
  • JUTA Night table
  • JUTA Night table

JUTA Night table


Series of furniture accessories consisting of chest-of- drawers, night-table and tallboy with scratch-resistant surface Style or Epoque. The elegance of these accessories with their flush trim and totally extractable drawers with soft closing device is further enhanced in the variant with visible handles in heartwood.

For various measurements, contact us.

Height: 17.33-44 cm
Length: 18.12-49 cm
Width: 18.12-48 cm

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In the history of the modern bed, the year 1978 was a milestone. It was the year that Flou was founded, a company with the precise objective of innovating the bedroom and create a new ‘sleep culture’. Being fully aware that good sleep makes a major contribution to better living, Flou wanted to offer clients the best way of sleeping. They produced modern and functional designer beds with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Flou and its continual development saw aesthetics and function going hand-in-hand with innovation in the field of materials, technology, rationalization of the production processes. However, the company philosophy remained unchanged: to produce excellent beds, designed with the precise objective of improving comfort, wellness and quality of life.

Italian designer Pinuccio Borgonovo was born in Milan in 1956. Following his studies at the State Art Institute in Cantu, he joined the design centre of a major Italian furniture company, where he built up a significant amount of experience in design research and development. As of 1987, he began working freelance as a consultant for other leading furniture companies, and many of his creations have become international successes.

Dimensions 18.12-49 x 18.12-48 x 17.33-44 cm