Polar Perch


The Polar project began in 2006 with the creation of a multifunctional piece that could be used as a seat and an occasional table. Since then it has evolved into a complete furniture collection that draws its inspiration from nature and from the study of contemporary spaces. In the context of this “work in progress”, Polar Perch introduces an original pair of curved elements of different heights and complementary shapes. The lower element can be used as a sofa, while the higher one offers seating support. An innovative furnishing concept with scope to create innumerable solutions for the widest range of communal areas.

Available in 2 sizes:
207 x 84.5 x ht. 46 cm
220 x 79 x ht. 70 cm

For more information, visit www.tacchini.it.

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The design is Italian, the rest is production. And in Italy, design companies bear the names of the families that founded the brands. Like Tacchini, created in 1965 by Antonio, when production, too, was almost entirely Italian, and the most poetic and soul-stirring passages in the story of design were written. Naturally in time the children become the heirs, and the new founders, in a rationale of continuous updating and redefinition of the underlying idea, and that is what is actually handed down. Equally naturally, those who frequent the family become a part of it: team members, consultants, suppliers, employers, workers and clients.

Pearson Lloyd is one of the leading names in contemporary British design, and this multidisciplinary studio works in a wide range of sectors: from furnishing to public spaces to brand development. Established by Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd in 1997, the studio has received numerous acknowledgements and accolades in both Europe and the United states. The British design duo write regularly for major design magazines, as well as acting as “visiting lecturers” at the École Cantonale d’Art in Lausanne.