• PUK Lounge chair
  • PUK Lounge chair
  • PUK Lounge chair
  • PUK Lounge chair
  • PUK Lounge chair

PUK Lounge chair


Body back/arm is welded metal frame. Built from tubes and strips in various dimensions. Body seat is welded black electro-plated frame featuring an extendable footrest.

For various measurements, contact us.

Height: 109-115 cm
Length: 75 cm
Width: 87-97 cm
Weight: 25 kg

Antracita, Azur, Black, Blanche, Brandy, Brown, Bruin, Camelo, Caramel, Castanya, Ceniza, Cohiba, Ivory, Komijn, Lava, Mango, Moreno, Natural, Negro, Nuboso, Red, Sheriba, Sienna, Stretto, Tabasco, Taupe, Terra, Tomato, Topaz, Vulkaan, Zwart

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Montis keeps innovating with design that meets the needs of modern life – without making concessions in terms of comfort. In this process, the boiundaries of artisanal traditions are pushed, and new techniques developed. By combining the ideas of renowned designers with those of up-and-coming creatives, we remain full of surprises – also in terms of sustainability and use of materials. That’s how today’s icons become tomorrow’s classics and how it remains as Montis’ aim.

Simon Pengelly was born in Henley-on-Thames, England, in 1967. Originally trained at the bench, he was an award winning cabinetmaker before graduating from Kingston University in 1988. Pengelly started manufacturing furniture in the workshop of his father at the tender age of eight. He has since developed into a celebrated furniture design.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 75 x 87-97 x 109-115 cm