• Uni_verso Armchair
  • Uni_verso Armchair
  • Uni_verso Armchair
  • Uni_verso Armchair

Uni_verso Armchair


Most designers are keen on creating their own seating. Always with the ambition of amalgamating their artistic skills into a basic commodity. Inspired by the success of series 8200 Volpe, his first series penned for Kusch+Co, Norbert Geelen was brimming with fresh ideas for a new series. His project objective was to develop a multi-purpose contract chair boasting the ability to fit in with virtually any environment achieved through the intelligent incorporation of a vast range of very distinct accessories into the design. Series uni_verso is the result of his ingenuity, offering a kaleidoscope of versatile possibilities.

The chair can carry a capacity of up to 150kg (only up to seat height 45cm). This product is under the Flamline and Reduced Mobility categories.

Available with polypropylene shell or in upholstered seat and back padding.

For more information, visit en.kusch.com.

Height: 45-82 cm
Length: 61 cm
Width: 52 cm
Weight: 6-8 kg

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‘Quality is irreplaceable’

Our corporate policy is based on the famous words coined by our company’s founder Ernst Kusch. Living up to his standards, we are quality-driven in everything we do.We believe that mutual respect among our staff members is fundamental to a successful management and organisation. We assume our entrepreneurial responsibility for environmental awareness, for a green production and for a sustainable resource management.We develop and produce our products based on extensive research and the reliable findings thereof. All the stages of product development are carefully planned. At any time, we comply with all the industrial standards as well as the legal regulations and directives. We regard it as our duty to safeguard our employees against occupational hazards.Our aim is to produce contract seating and tables that satisfy all the requirements and needs of our customers. Our portfolio, characterized by exemplary design, outstanding ergonomics and functionality, highest utility value as well as superior craftsmanship, is the fruit of our relentless efforts to perfect our production technology, to protect the environment and to launch innovative products.

Born in 1968

After having completed his training as industrial designer at the University of Essen, Norbert Geelen started freelancing at the Italian Studio Mattheo Thun in Milan.

Together with his partner Robert Kilders, he founded the design studio bert&bert in 1997.

Since 2005, Norbert Geelen feels at home both in his German office in Straelen and in his Milan studio.

Though he has designed a wide variety of distinct products, he has specialized in furniture design, mainly high-quality seating and tables.

Weight 06- kg
Dimensions 61 × 52 × 45-82 cm