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The Art of Leisure: TRIBU


In the early 1990s, Belgian family-run design house Tribu began pioneering the concept of the garden as an extension of our homes. Through the use of state-of-the-art, weather resistant material, combined with an eye for detail and timeless style, the outdoor furniture brand has continued to partner with reputable designers to produce pieces that are classic, elegant and lasting in both style and function.

Tribu founder Lode De Cock and his wife, Rina, sitting in their Pure Sofa.

The iconic Pure sofa has been in the Tribu collection for more than 20 years, and still looks as modern today as when it was first introduced. It is this timeless quality, combined with nature-inspired, softly contrasting colour palettes, that promote the visual serenity of Tribu’s style.

A third-generation family business, Lode’s father had started an outdoor furniture business, but when Lode took over in the 1990s he envisioned contemporary outdoor furniture that would have the look and feel of interior furniture. Combining design with technical innovation, Tribu produced rain-and-sun resistant furniture that carried contemporary elegance. Today, Lode’s sons Koen and Tom run the day-to-day business, continuing the instinctive style that consistently defines Tribu.

Notable additions to Tribu’s collection are pieces by German studio Yabu Pushelberg such as the award-winning Nodi Armchair, which was described by Glenn Pushelberg to be like “the type of person who does not need to be at the centre of attention, but there’s a quiet, unique individuality [to the chair]… that as you really look at it, you will love and respect [it] for a long period of time.”

The Nodi: twisted and interlaced rope made of Canax®, a combination of PVC and natural hemp, stretched horizontally and vertically across a powdercoated steel frame


The modular Senja sofa can be customized to combine one, two or three-seater modules, with varying arms and seat depths.


There’s no better time than now to enjoy our outdoor spaces.

We’re pleased to announce that from 1st October 2020 to 31st March 2021, we will be extending a 30+7% discount on all Tribu products.

Come visit our showroom at #02-48 Marina Square to view selected Tribu models in store.

All photos courtesy of Tribu

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