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XTRA Spotlight | Surfaces’ Season of Sustainability

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Inspired by Singapore’s Climate Action Week happening this month, we’re spotlighting the important sustainability efforts of our surfacing brands – Bolon, Ober Surfaces, Concrete LCDA, Wonderwall Studios and Maharam.

From conscious materials to environmentally-friendly products to sustainably-certified manufacturing and production efforts –  find out more about the conscious efforts of these brands and their contributions to responsible production and sustainable development for the betterment of our earth.

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Image credit: Bolon



Born from the groundbreaking idea of recycling vinyl and textile offcuts into woven rag rugs; Bolon has always been committed to innovative, good designs that last.

With a vision for their floors to contain 50% recycled material by 2028; Bolon is driven to design both product and the life cycle so that the material they use can eventually become new resources for new products.

To realise this vision, the company has established its own recycling plant since 2014; where it recycles offcuts from its internal production, as well as external waste from its PVC suppliers.


Video credit: Dezeen on YouTube

Find out more about Bolon’s sustainability efforts here.



Ober Surfaces 

Committed to meeting strict environmental standards, Ober Surfaces are PEFC and FSC certified for proper sourcing of wood resources from sustainably-managed forests.

Working towards more sustainable manufacturing and production practices, Ober Surfaces’ environmentally-conscious approach complies with the requirements of the HQE, LEED and BREEAM construction labels. With an environmentally-conscious approach, Ober Surfaces is able to relate to the characteristics of materials, energy consumption, maintenance and comfort of use to produce environmentally-friendly products.

Learn more about Ober Surfaces environmentally-conscious efforts here.


Image credit: Ober Surfaces

Concrete LCDA

Optimising their social responsibility, Concrete LCDA’s High Performance Concrete (HPC) technology process has led to reduced water and cement consumption.  Compliant with French regulations in terms of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission requirements, Concrete LCDA’s products; which are made of inert materials and which do not alter air quality and surface treatments used; have resulted in products rated A+ for low or no VOC emissions.

Driven in their efforts to combat climate change across the value chain, Concrete LCDA’s products has also achieved several LEED credits such as low emissions, recycled content, water-saving, wood certifications, indoor environment quality and environmentally-friendly site organisation.

Learn more about Concrete LCDA’s environmentally-conscious commitments and environmental policy here.



Image credit: Maharam



Maharam is committed to the implementation of progressive environmental practices as a matter of corporate and design philosophy. Over the past decade Maharam has sought a detailed understanding of its environmental impact and, through its approach to product and practices, has articulated specific long-term goals for reduction of Environmental Impact of Business Practices and products and more.

Learn more about Maharam’s long-term goals and Environmental Position here.



Image credit: Wonderwall Studios


Wonderwall Studios

From abandoned houses to derelict shades, discarded railroad-sleepers, to wine barrels and old floors; Wonderwall Studios is dedicated to upcycling salvaged wood to bring new life and turn them into a unique collection of wall tiles.

In their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and practise environmentally-conscious production methods; the locations of their workshops are determined by where we find and salvage wood.

Learn more about Wonderwall Studios’ raw materials and how they collaborate with local craftsmen to produce unique pieces.

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