Aeron Chair – A Size

Height: 870–978 mm
Width: 699–744 mm
Depth: 686–699 mm
Seat Height: 366–490 mm
Seat Depth: 406 mm
Arm Height: 191–292 mm

Aeron Chair – B Size

Height: 933–1045 mm
Width: 719–772 mm
Depth: 699–719 mm
Seat Height: 401–528 mm
Seat Depth: 432 mm
Arm Height: 191–292 mm

Aeron Chair – C Size

Height: 1016–1153 mm
Width: 719–803 mm
Depth: 699–719 mm
Seat Height: 427–579 mm
Seat Depth: 470 mm
Arm Height: 191–292 mm



Suspension seat and back


Frame, arms and base


PostureFit SL

Supports the sacral region to nurture the natural S-shape of the spine and activate a healthful posture. A secondary pad adds support to the lumbar region.

8Z Pellicle

Offers unprecedented comfort through first-of-its-kind elastomeric suspension, with eight varied zones of support, eliminating pressure points that restrict circulation and keeping you cool.

Harmonic 2 Tilt

Helps the chair move with you thanks to an innovative tilt mechanism under the seat.

Three Sizes

Comes in three sizes (A, B and C) for the right fit, with slight variations from the backrest height, seat width, tilt mechanism – all the way down to the size of the base.

Chair Adjustments | 2:24

Adjusting Aeron

Tune and use your chair for maximum support



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