Dedon KIDA

by Stephen Burks

“as free as the breeze” when swinging

The first collection to be wrapped rather than woven in 834 meters of DEDON special Fiber Touch it features a cradle-like organic form that’s open, airy, light and inviting.

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Fatty Sofa is inspired by clothes of the daily life . The flanging details decorated with bright colors highlight the quality of life of having no fear of mediocre and daring to break through.
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Stilo Lounge

The creation of the Stilo Chair is high-end and full of science fiction. It is closely related to the human engineering. Stefano, Vincenzo and Alex want to design a chair to offer a reasonable coordination between human body structure, psychology, mechanics and indoor environment. Therefore, they designed the Stilo Chair in order to achieve the best use of efficiency, safety, health and comfort.
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