Wonderwall Studios wasn’t founded, it happened.
During their travels throughout South-East Asia they come across
many abandoned houses. ‘What a waste of wonderful resources!’ they thought. ‘We should do something!!’ They said. So they did. They bumped into a great team of woodworkers on Java and started working with them on building a collection. That was back in 2010.

The Wonderwall Studios family is large, diverse and growing. It spans several continents, and traverses many cultures. From the high-spirited folks in the south of Europe to the cool characters in the Nordic countries, from the hectic and fast-paced Far East through Eastern and Central Europe to our larger-than-life cousins in North America. Their Mission is to create joyous panelling from salvaged woods that enriches surfaces and enhances your interior. They strive for the highest quality to produce panelling that will last a lifetime.

Wonderwall Studios Collections

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