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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

Home design first brings to mind images of beautifully styled living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms. Less often do patios and balconies come to mind, but these overlooked outdoor spaces add immense charm and complete the overall sense of home. Thankfully, there is a substantial array of premium and curated options of outdoor furniture in Singapore.

Whether you are designing a private sanctuary amidst the urban jungle; a charming outdoor dining area for hosting guests and friends; or simply a relaxing space for your family to unwind together, this article will explore how you can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space.


Building Connections

The addition of outdoor furniture defines your outdoor area and invite others to revel in the space. With a wide range of materials, colours and configurations to choose from, you have the freedom to craft the feel, use and atmosphere of your outdoor space.

A dining setting with tables and chairs can become the family’s favourite spot for weekend meals under the sun.

Wooden tables, often made with stronger solid woods such as teak, creates a natural warmth and timeless rusticity. More updated outdoor materials such as ceramic, Dekton and Fenix are often used these days due to its durability, ease of maintenance and modern look and feel.


Tribu Illum Table in Teak

Tribu Illum in ceramic top

Images: Tribu
Illum Tables in Teak/Ceramic


As for seating, fabrics specifically engineered for outdoor use are able to provide the plush feel of indoor dining chairs, with weather-resistant cushions and a generally sturdier frame. These are suitable for sheltered outdoor patios, or should be covered when not in use.


Image: Kettal Roll Club Chair


Aluminum frames with injected polymers make a good lightweight option for moving around as needed, and last well through exposure to heat and humidity. Stackable and foldable models also work flexibly for pulling up an extra chair when the party gets bigger, or stashing away when space is needed.


Image: Tribu
Branch Collection


For lounge settings, an L-shaped sofa creates an intimate space for conversations under the stars. These can come with integrated side tables for ease, or you could add on statement coffee tables as a centrepiece for the area.


Image: Tribu Senja Sofa


Setting the Ambience: Accessories

The little details matter when setting up an outdoor space. Greenery is one of the most significant elements, and the right planters and pots can host your plants with elevated finishes and a touch of artistry.


Image: Ferm Living Hourglass Pot


When night falls, the outdoor space becomes a calm, cosy area to bask in. The right lighting is crucial to crafting an ambience of warmth, tranquility and dreaminess. Portable and rechargeable options also keep the place cordless and sleek, further enhancing complete relaxation.


Image: Tribu
The award-winning Monsieur Tricot Collection by Tribu enkindles a mystical backdrop with knitted and hand crocheted outdoor lighting.


Weatherproof Outdoor Material 

Outdoor furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions like strong sunlight and heavy rain. Particularly in Singapore, the tropical humidity requires material that will not mould or rust.

Thankfully, technological innovation has made the quality and weather-resistance of contemporary outdoor furniture top notch and vastly improved from its predecessors. Most of our outdoor furniture pieces also come with weatherproof covers to protect the items when not in use.


Image: DEDON
DEDON Fiber, an innovative polymer material that is fully weatherproof, can be weaved like traditional rattan, and produced in unique colors and textures.


Premium outdoor furniture combines the look of timeless luxury with modern, state-of-the-art quality and build. Xtra Designs offer a curated range of outdoor brands for you to choose from and would love to assist you on your next outdoor space rejuvenation. Get inspired and contact us today.


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