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Cultivating Home

Scandinavian design has taken the interior decor world by storm in recent years. Within the minimalist lines, muted tones and smooth wooden textures is a sense of connectedness, warmth and wellbeing that we all seek to find in our homes.

The principles of Scandinavian design were born out of the realities of living in that region’s climate: short, cold days in winter, where daylight is scarce and people are forced to retreat into their homes for extended periods of time.

When winters were harsh, the Scandinavians responded by creating warmth and coziness in their homes through the use of candles, animal skins, natural materials and muted colour palettes. This way of life is described by the Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-ga). Beyond the ownership of products, it is a lifestyle and way of intentionally cultivating wellbeing at home.

Cold winters are not a problem we face here in Singapore, but recent events surely have kept us indoors a lot more.

While a global pandemic is nothing to rejoice about, we recall with a sense of hopeful optimism that design is intrinsically problem-solving; an opportunity to create something helpfully beautiful out of less-than-ideal circumstances.

We’d like to take this opportunity to pay more attention to our homes and what we’d like for them to be. A safe haven and quiet refuge? A place where people can connect, where family members can bond? A creative space encouraging exploration— or a lively, bustling environment that welcomes guests with familial warmth?

Whatever you may envision, we hope that through considered designs you may find a sense of resonance.

At the heart of XTRA’s eclecticism is the desire to offer products that each tell a story; as you curate your space, may you find in your selections a story of your own being told.




Play, freedom and connection in Magis’ Spun Chair.


Laidback structure: Ferm Living’s Catena Modular Sofa.


Repose and reflection in Menu’s Knitting Lounge Chair.


Louis Poulsen 3.5 Pendant in a cozy dining nook.


All are welcome to the Miniforms Barry Table.
Photo: Miniforms

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